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Yellow Cat

The Cabin & Studio

Doing My Art

Joan T. Smith

PO Box 403

Montpelier VT 05601


I was born in Atlantic City, NJ, graduated high school in Westfield NJ, and attended Syracuse University in NY. I am the mother of two boys and two girls and a proud grandmother. I love New England having lived in Naples and Bridgton Maine as well as Hamden, Mass; however Vermont has always attracted me the most. I have lived in Middlebury, Brandon, Pittsford, Burlington, West Barnet, Montpelier, Plainfield and Middlesex.

I like to paint the things I love! Depending on my mood of the moment, that could be anything from cats to cars or even the Farmer's Market. It's exciting for me to watch my subject come alive in beautiful color as I go from the first washes to the details that are the most fun part of painting for me. I began to work with watercolors while living in Wilson, N.C. a few years ago. I belonged to the prestigious Wilson Active Artists club and entered competitions as part of their frequent show schedule, winning ribbons including first prize with "Banker's Holiday" a promotional painting done for the local bank. I find watercolor to be the most relaxing and satisfying medium I have ever worked with!

Art Affiliations Include

Art Resources Assoc. VT

Barre Paletteers VT (president)

Bridgton Art Guild ME

Essex Art League VT

Vermont Watercolor Society

(signature member)

Northern Vermont Artists Assoc.

Manchester NH Artists Assoc.

Bryan Memorial Gallery VT

Women's Rural Entrepreneurial

 Network NH

Fairy's Gift

 Misty Morning Meeting

 Light House

 The History of My Art

I have been creatively inclined for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, I painted in oils and did crafts projects, always preferring to make my creations as original and different as I could manage. When I learned to sew, I added soft sculpture and quilted projects to my portfolio, and then dolls (with real hair!) and wearable art. Eventually I attended Floral Design school, and for about ten years, I had a thriving wholesale/retail dried flower business. In about 1985, my sister taught me her hobby (now business) stained glass. My interest was captured by the beautiful colors of the glass and the opportunity for designing and executing original ideas in glass and I wanted to make and sell my creations so I could use the profits to buy more glass, tools and supplies. The response to my efforts and my original and different approach to stained glass has motivated me to keep "growing and reaching" for new ideas and skills. It was a natural leap from traditional stained glass work to the use of glass in making mosaics. They are popular and fun to do, and I can use some of the same supplies and tools. My newest "artistic interest" is watercolor painting. I had painted in oil when younger, then switched to acrylics later, but had always been intimidated by the supposed difficulty of watercolor. I finally decided to "step out of my comfort zone" and try it! Now I can honestly say that of all the media in which I've ever worked, watercolor is my favorite.